Fine tuning

Happy December and Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

I’ve been thinking about a few different things the last couple days. Since my last post, I finished two books and started reading two. That Goodreads goal isn’t going to reach itself, is it?

I worked on my novel a bit more, last I checked I was at 8400 words!

Mainly, I’ve been thinking about what to put up here. There were a few ideas that I started but none felt quite right. They all read too whiny. Of course, this is my blog and I can put whatever I want on here, but I don’t want to just whine…what’s the point in that? Well, it would be an outlet for me but basically useless to you so…no.

I said in the first post that I am still trying to figure out what this blog is, so that’s what’s happening.

First lesson: I want readers to get something more than a dose of bitching from me. I’d like to add value to your life, make you think a little if I can.

I’m working on the next few posts now: Favorite Books of 2017 and My Reading Goals for 2018. Maybe a Christmas Guide?

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, how’s December/Christmas planning going? My tree doesn’t have ornaments yet but I already bought gifts for two people!


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