Writing Update: Should I Write Short Stories?

Happy New Year!

What better way to start the year than with a writing update?

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My biggest hurdle in writing is, well, writing. Physically sitting down and writing the words and finishing the first draft have been freaking hard. I was expecting it to be difficult but, damn.

So, Distractable Daisy that I am, I almost started writing a short story last week. I follow @writersofcolor on Twitter, and this week they shared a tweet from a new serial anthology, Foreshadow YA, looking to publish YA stories. So naturally, went to their website and read all about the requirements. They are accepting YA short stories, between 2-7k words. My interest was peaked!

Of course I can do this, right?

But after looking through my drive folder with all the stories I’ve started and stopped over the years, I just don’t have a short story.

That’s not true, I do have one but it’s 150% not YA, like not even a little bit. So I opened a document and did some “free-typing” to see if I could come up with anything I would able to write in a month and send in #yikes.

The short answer is that I didn’t come up with anything. I think there is an art to short stories, one I have not thought about or practiced enough to attempt writing one just for the chance to have it published. None of the characters and situations fluttering about my brain can be conveyed in so few letters.

I once heard, or read I can’t quite remember, that short stories ask ‘what if?’ I think full-length novels do that as well, but with a short story all the strings have to be tied up pretty damn quickly, and I don’t know that I can tackle that in a couple of weeks.

So no, I don’t believe that I will be writing short stories anytime soon. Maybe I’ll submit something later this year… Besides, I have full-length things to work on.

Yes, that was things. Plural. I was looking in the mirror and talking to myself last week (as you do) and I came up with a whole story I really want to write in a setting I’ve been dying to set a story in. So I wrote that first burst of words I had relating to it. Then, while I was in the shower, some characters and a whole conversation and scene came to me. Magic I tell ya! Too bad I haven’t written it down….I should work on that.

I always have these moment s of distraction from the stories I want to tell and I think it’s because writing is such a solitary activity, and being published feels like validation. It is, in many ways but I think I have to stay true to my goals here, at least for now.

I hope you have a wonderful 2018 filled with all the things you want to do. Thank you for reading.

Word Counts:
Space Project: 12,656 words
Sand: 250 (She’s still a baby)

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Catch ya next time!


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